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4K stuttering with madvr and D3D11
Using Shark's Mad version of MPC. Never had this with older Shark versions of Mad MPC. As recommended by Shark, I'm using D3D11. Weirdly, I get no stuttering using Windows Media Player. I know that if properly set up, MPC with Madvr should be pretty smooth. I must've done something wrong. I'm using a Nvidia GTX 1050TI card (4GB version).
I am not a madVR user. 
If you want to use it, you'll have to figure out how to set it up for yourself.
A good starting point is HERE
This thread may also assist you in setting up madVR

Being that D3D11 is so new, each codec/player update I post lately has fixes regarding D3D11.
Maybe check that you have my latest releases (esp. the player) just to be sure.

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