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Appropriate Shark codec pack to play mp4 and mkv files
I would like to provide to a relative in a different location in the U.S. a Shark codec pack(s), on a thumb drive, that will play mp4 and mkv files in Windows Media Player. They have a PC but are not particularly adept. Unfortunately I don't know their OS version nor whether their machine is 32 or 64 bit (so I plan on sending both 32 and 64 bit versions of the pack). Please advise as to the appropriate versions of the packs to send whose default settings will allow playing mp4 and mkv.

Thank You
Both 32bit and 64bit architectures are covered by the STANDARD Codecs installation.
Default settings will work if you also include the MPC-BE player from my Tools page.
This player will work with a default installation of the codecs. No settings changes required.

To use Windows Media Player, some settings changes are required.
1st, you need to select the [x] SUGGSESTED settings checkbox
Next, go to the mkv TAB and select to disable Media Foundation for MKV files
Then go to the mpg/mp4 TAB and disable Media Foundation for MP4 files

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