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Thanks for reply, Xanashi.
So yeah, I've played with LAV splitter for a little and it's clear that it is not lacking any features or abilities. I guess it's better to use LAV splitter with LAV decoders.
(02-04-2012, 01:53 PM)hanullo Wrote: Hello Xanashi,

It looks like you have performance boost in v1.3.1. When will it be officially included in shark007's win7codecs? Thanks.

v1.3.1 has been included in my releases for several versions already.
Hello Everyone,

I think it's about time I release 1.3.1, as it is already long overdue.
I have added a few installer related improvements, but nothing new for those of you, who are already using the 1.3.1 beta.

One of the new features of the installer, is that it now auto-detects if .NET 4 is installed,
and if not, it then prompts the user to install it directly from the installer with just a single click.

You can get the new version from MajorGeeks HERE.

Changelog for v1.3.1
- Improved installer
- Added .Net 4 detection to installer
- Implemented MKV cue parser (increased mkv thumbnail generation speed)
- Updated licenses to 2012

Now, even though this release didn't bring any interesting news to Icaros itself,
I can assure you, there is a lot of great improvements and features right around the corner.

So stay tuned. ;-)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Tried the installer. All good as well. However I am not sure why does it need to install EXTENDED components of .NET framework 4 as the core ones are more than enough for a fully functional icaros (and almost everything else)?
OS: Windows 7 Utlimate x64 SP1 (Build 7601).
Codecs: Haali Splitter, LAV filters (latest), MPC-HC, madVR, Reclock.
Thanks for the confirmation, Paladin77.
You know, I thought the exact same thing while rewriting the installer routine, so it
will be reduced to the client version of .NET 4, from the next release and onwards.

It was silly mistake made from the beginning of the project. I simply forgot to correct it.
Well, at least it's corrected now. ;-)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Hi hanullo,

(02-24-2012, 04:19 AM)hanullo Wrote: Just following up to see if you have ETA for the thumbnailing issue with ffdshow DXVA environment.

I was recently needed for another project, which took up all my time,
so I had to postpone the next release of Icaros for a bit.

I have more spare time in following couple of days, so I should be able
to continue the development of Icaros, soon enough.

The next release wont be including the fix you're looking for, unfortunately,
but it wont be long, before it'll come along as well. No ETA though.

(02-24-2012, 04:19 AM)hanullo Wrote: If I remember correctly, the previous version of Icaros worked correctly with the ffdshow DXVA and also there was another component used for thumbnailing before Icaros was introduced. Can I still use it with a current win7codecs release? Is there a reason you kicked out that component?

I was not in charge of the thumbnailing component in Win7Codecs before Icaros was introduced. DivX was. :-)
Their thumbnail provider was mkv only, and couldn't handle 10bit files, files with header stripping,
or files with any other format than h264, so it was a bit limited, one could say.

You can get ffdshow DXVA to work with current version of Icaros, but I need to know this:
What player do you use for playback? And, are you on a x64 or x86 system?
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
(02-24-2012, 05:12 AM)hanullo Wrote: Thanks Xanashi for your answer. I am using WMC on x86 system so I was not able to use workaround you suggested. (using LAV decoder globally, separating x86/x64 settings)

Ah, well. At least it wont be a problem with the upcoming release.
I will post a beta version of it, in this thread, a few days before the actual release.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Icaros v.1.3.2

Here's another release of Icaros, which adds: Explorer properties for FLV and OGM files and a semi-new design to IcarosConfig.
It also decreases the .NET version needed, from Full to Client.

Installer: MajorGeeks
Portable: Download [New version is out]

Changelog for v1.3.2:
- Implemented FLV and OGM parsers
- Added Explorer properties for FLV and OGM files
- Added Total bitrate property
- New IcarosConfig design
- Added About dialog
- Downgraded DotNet 4 to Client Profile
- Clear thumbnail cache from IcarosConfig

You can now clear the thumbnail cache via Icaros' AboutBox. Icaros utilizes the same API as Microsofts own Disk Cleanup utility,
so clearing the cache via Icaros will be the exact same action as clearing it through the Disk Cleanup utility.
I have hidden the feature away in the AboutBox, because it is not meant for frequent use. Mostly for troubleshooting.

This release will not allow thumbnails while using ffdshow DXVA, but it should be possible from the next release and onwards.

Enjoy! ;-)

Next up will either be, a new Core upgrade for the thumbnail provider, or FLAC support.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
"Icaros" loading the CPU. And if in the settings "LAV" note "DXVA" or "Cuvid". This can reduce the burden? or is it a stupid question?
THANKS Xanashi
(Sorry for my bad English)
(03-01-2012, 02:31 PM)Embos Wrote: Hello!
"Icaros" loading the CPU. And if in the settings "LAV" note "DXVA" or "Cuvid". This can reduce the burden? or is it a stupid question?
THANKS Xanashi
(Sorry for my bad English)

So your CPU spikes, when hardware acceleration is active in LAV?

This will be fixed by the next release.
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