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[Bug] 'Windows Filetype Associations' not working on non-admin account
Ok assuming this is a bug, sorry if it is not.

I have my PC setup in such way that I am a standard user and that a password pop-up appears for every admin actions that happen. This is on purpose, to be better protected, comparable to sudo on linux.

Now here is the problem, when hitting the 'Windows Filetype Associations' button, the application tells me to open it as admin. But when running it as admin, the filetype associations are not applied to the standard user's account. I didn't check but assume they are applied to the admin account. Since I can change my 'open with' preferences manually without being admin I think admin rights should not be required for this feature.
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This feature [button] writes to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT portion of the registry and requires [admin] privileges to do so.
It cannot be written to using [user] privileges.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT does not have a user section. It only has 32/64bit differentiation.

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