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Bug while playing Videos with Icaros and Windows 10 1607

I'm using Icaros for a long time now and really love it!

But since Windows 10 1607 "Upgrade" I've got some really nasty Problems while watching videos. I tried everything including fully reinstalling Windows but its still there. It happens on 3 different Computers after installing Icaros. I Even fully reinstalled one, just to check whether it really just happens after using Icaros, and yes, it really seems to be Icaros.
It just happens with 1607. 1511 works perfectly fine. It happens with either MPC HC and VLC (both clean Installed). Haven't tried anything else. Tried 3.02 Beta and 3.01.
Even after unInstalling Icaros the Bug remains!

The Problem: Its really hard to describe, but its like the Windows, or even the Taskbar behind the Video Player kind of shines through the Video while Playing. Its specify strong if the Windows behind is moving, for example if you are copying something and the Copy Windows is right behind the Video (like in the Video I posted).

Heres a Video: https://youtu.be/2pfYzeLuxO8

BTW. Sorry for my bad English!

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