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Cannot bitstream AAC
(05-02-2017, 08:07 AM)Shark007 Wrote: Although I cannot test, It is my opinion that AAC bitstreaming depends on 2 things.
1. the Microsoft Audio decoder being active
2. a stereo setting for the speaker count under your active audio device

The new release featuring the AAC bitstreaming checkbox is available from MajotGeeks


I just tried with latest version on mpc hc and mpc be (both 64 bits). I cannot get AAC to bitstream, it always revert to pcm giving bad audio quality. I tried using lav, microsoft, ffdshow, 2.0 speaker, can't get it to work.

thank you
None of the codecs I distribute contain any direct support to bitstream AAC to an AVR for decoding. That being said, and your claim that it worked in the past, lead me to believe the Operating System handled it as long as the codecs did not interfere with AAC at all. By adding that checkbox to the Audio TAB, it at least gives the user a way to remove LAV from being forced to decode AAC. 

at this time, I have no further ideas to offer.
No problem, like you said it's probably MS that changed something, I did switch after an update, don't remember which one. I found out though that AAC to PCM from LAV is bad quality. The sound is boosted and clipped everywhere. I wanted to revert to FFDShow for that, I found out how but didn't manage to have to result I wanted, although it was better sound quality.

Problem is, in FFDShow, if you change the output matrix of the mixer for 7.1 (2/2/5) and use "expand sterero to surround", it only expand to the back surround, not the side. I wanted to have the back channel though. This require me to do a custom matrix, but doing so disturb audio from 5.1 and 7.1 source in AAC. Would be great if there was a way to convert AAC to Dolby or DTS instead, this way it could be pass directly to the receiver in the correct format.

Thanks for the help and effort
Does your AVR actually decode AAC? Some AVR's do, but most do not.

FFDshow can take a 5.1 AAC encode and convert it on the fly to a 5.1 AC3 stream for bitstreaming to a rereceiver for decoding. Most people who use SPDIF like the above option because optical can only carry 2 channel pcm where as hdmi users can send multichannel PCM (pc decoded aac) to the redeiver.

If that sounds like what you did in the past, I can help you set that up but it is my opinion that using this over hdmi really does not make sense because then you are taking 5.1 AAC audio, decoding it to 5.1 PCM on the PC, then encoding that to 5.1 Dolby Digital, sending that to the AVR and further decoding it to PCM so you can finally hear it.

A fact you should be aware of, all audio is PCM before you hear it.
All bistreamed sources sent to an AVR are decoded by the AVR to PCM before you hear it.

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