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Changing ffdshow options via sharks codec
I have been toying around with the Media Control addin for windows media center lately.  This plugin interfaces with FFdshow, I'm guessing via its tcp api and I have things working with the latest version of x64 ffmpeg I could find, which was rev 4533 released in September of 2014.  With shark's codecs pack installed I have observed that the ffdshow installation path is changed via the Software\GNU\ffdshowx64 registry key. With that being said I need a way to launch the ffdshow gui to change a few settings that fix its interoperability with Media Control.  My questions are...

1. Is there some way to launch ffdshow's gui that I'm not aware of OR
2. Can I install my build of ffdshow, which defaults to the shark's install directory via the registry, without breaking anything else in your codec pack? 

I understand you might not know the answers to these questions but any guidance is appreciated.
1. On the Config TAB, in the center dropdown menu
2. export the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU] registry key and after installing the version of ffdshow that you prefer, restore the saved registry file. I no longer remember what settings are specific to Media Control but by restoring the registry, you'll get the needed settings

To be sure you're aware, On the Misc TAB, ffdshow is disabled by default.
Thanks for your help so far.  When I perform the steps mentioned above, would it be best to use your interface to set only my video codecs to ffdshow, or should I use something like the preferred filter tweaker?  Thanks again.
Just about anything that tool does, is also possible though my app.
If you use the tool, my apps interface will not show what you've changed.
Conversely, Using my tool 1st, that tool can verify that the particular setting was applied by my app.

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