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Commandline installation
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Once you figure this out (please post back) I will add info to the 1st post and delete all these random i have no clue posts

I also added more BOLD text to the 1st post concerning a webpage popup at the end of install - it can also be supressed

I havent made an unattended installation in several years but do provide switches in my releases for those with the need.
will do! will report back my findings ... for now though i must figure out how to use the msi & its switches as a command line installer. thanks!
hi shark! someone pointed me to a project being maintained by dumpydooby which covers your vista codecs. i will try to see if it works via svcpack as recommended. thank you!

hi shark! just wanted to share that i've been using dumpydooby application installer since. appreciate the help!

have a prosperous new year ahead.
Shark007, I would like to ask about 5.6.0 unattended installation. I do what I've always been doing - use the same switches, running in the installation in runonceex, and in this version 5.6.0 i noticed the addition of bing toolbar. Previously added were the auto-opening of webpage and now this bing toolbar.

I know you're trying to get some funding for this, but I really can't install this bing toolbar. Now the problem is not the installation of the bing toolbar, but rather vcp won't install at all. Yes, installation runs silent, then just halts. (so i gotta force terminate installation. After that, when you enter windows for the first time, where it sets up windows desktop or something for the first time, things stall there too.

There are many who would just press next and install everything, but for those few of us who need to do unattended installation, wont you make a switch to disable to auto-opening of the webpage and installation of bing toolbar.

There are ways around it...like writing a script (autohotkey / autoit) to untick bing installation. Would save a lot of trouble, rather than having to go through all that. I came to vcp because it's the cleanest codec pack, I just do hope it will remain so.

I'm from Malaysia (poor country) and I'm willing to donate $5 (an average days pay for medium-low wealth) if you could tender the issue.
To stop the webpage popup; setup=0
To stop the toolbar; _BING_OPT_IN=false

A donation is not required to use my software, nor is it required to receive support.
If you feel my work deserves a token of appreciation, by all means, donate if you have the means.

I am from Canada. Although my country is not poor, I am.
there anyway i can extract the setup exe file to the .msi somehow by use of a command, or will i need to actually run the setup file and then copy the msi? is this my only option?
To extract the MSI, just execute the installer and choose your language.
On the next screen, cancel the installation.
Go to x:\ProgramData\VistaCodecs and retreive the MSI and the applicable MST (for the langauage if you need it)
When I try to set the _BING_OPT_IN property from the command line, I get an error for improperly formatted parameters. I don't know if it's the underscores or what. I tried just using _BING_OPT_IN=0 as well (since your CA only checks to see if the value is "true"), but that didn't work either.

Do you have any suggestions? The obvious solution on my end is to simply remove the CA, but I generally try not to be destructive with your MSI. In fact, the only modification I make to your MSI right now is the shortcut name/location; if that were a public property, then I wouldn't have to modify it at all.
I would suggest removing the CA.
I did not do the integration of the toolbar, it was performed by another company. I do not have the time to troubleshoot it either. I assumed (wrongly) that since they set it in the Property Table as true, using false would stop its installation.

As for the startmenu entry property, I was unaware it was not set to public.
Hey, thanks a bunch for the quick response man! I'll see if I can leave the CA in there but just set the property to false in the MSI itself and make it so that the toolbar is opt-in for users that choose to use the interactive installation. Again, I like to be as non-destructive as possible. I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes, y'know?

As for the shortcut thing, I'll have to look into it more closely. There might actually be a way and I just didn't notice it.

Again, thanks a bunch for responding.

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