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Commandline installation
We really need to get the option to not install the bing toolbar working properly.

Are you able to look into this for us?

Because of recent changes to the Bing Toolbar installer, all a user needs to do is
merge the appropriate registry file before installing the codecs and the bingbar will not be installed.

I like to perform silent installations of the codec packs using the MSI files. Can someone tell me what the switch is to NOT install Weatherbug when doing a silent install? It seems the latest installer includes Weatherbug instead of Bing.

Previously, the switch to not install the Bing toolbar was apparently:



However, I was not able to get the command to work, as in:

xpvistacodecpackage.msi setup=0 _BING_OPT_IN=false /qn

At any rate, now Weatherbug is in the picture. Running:

xpvistacodecpackage.msi setup=0 /qn

works just fine, albeit also installing Weatherbug.

to stop Weatherbug installs completely, merge this information to the registry before executing the MSI...

to stop Bingar installs completely, merge this information to the registry before executing the MSI...

for 32bit OS's...

for 64bit OS's...

First up, this pack is great and has saved my HTPC!

I work at a school with around 700 machines and want to deploy Win7 Codecs x86 in a silent/unattended manor and cannot find a method for this (apart from possibly extracting the MSI out of the EXE, but untested).
I also want to be able to silently uninstall for upgrade, and I have read posts about why you do not want people to do this but it will only be getting uninstalled to install a new version straight after.

The next issue is that most users have roaming profiles so we have multiple users per machine. What issues can I expect to come across? It is not feasible for me to log every user on and select 'Recommended Settings' so is there a .REG file or something you could supply me that I could deploy via Group Policy?

Any help/suggestions on this is VERY appreciated as I want the most stable and usable configuration I can as I have to support them!

I see this post has been moved Smile
This has helped me get my silent install going nicely, just left with Uninstall...
Hi Shark.

It's been long since I the last time I was in your forum.

With the latest releases, Win7codecs is installing Ask.com toolbar and Weatherbug.

I already have a reg file to prevent Weatherbug from installing, but I was wondering if you are using a switch in your installer that we can use to not install Ask.com toolbar.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
(05-07-2011, 11:43 AM)Shark007 Wrote: regfiles
I didn't browse the forums for that specific topic because I was in a hurry. My bad Sad

Thanks for the info and regards.

The BING registry fix does work, with regard to not installing the bing toolbar during install of the codec pack, but there's a catch 22...


The entry in the registry is detected during Microsoft Updates, and results in MS flagging Bing Bar 7.0 (KB2528989) as an IMPORTANT update; if anyone has their update settings set to automatically download and install important updates, then they will get KB2528989 installed.

However, if the bing "regfix" is not present, the "important" update is neither offered, nor applied.

Fortunately, I don't have MS set to automatically download and install, and tested the installation in virtual machine, as always.

Excellent codec pack, the installer is getting a bit too complicated though, too much crap extracting and desperate to install, too many "regfixes"

This is not a complaint, just an observation.
In the 1st post of this thread I tell you how to get the raw MSI.
That will bypass all of the additional software you are trying to avoid with registry tricks.

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