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Commandline installation

I always unpack the main setup.exe to get the Win7codecs.msi and 1033.MST file, and use it to perform silent install with the switches posted, applying the 3 regfixes ahead of .msi install, to stop the junk installing as the .msi extracts the junk to temp files, which still run, see the reg entries, and bail out, thinking already installed.

It's just that, as far as Bing is concerned, the reg entry for Bing is picked up by MS updates, wanting to apply important update.

You can delete, the bing regfix at the end of install, to solve this, but that's what I meant when I said "the installer is getting a bit too complicated though, too much crap extracting and desperate to install, too many "regfixes"

I've seen some installers, pushing junkware, with and without options to decline, but I have not as yet came across another installer that has WeatherBug, Ask, Bing, and MS Live ID in the one package.

Maybe better for the excellent Win7Codecs to become a package to be paid for by the user.
Is there any way to pre-activate Icaros Thumbnailing after install, or maybe a commandline switch to call after installing. I cant seem to find how to have it activated after install, surprised this hasn't been asked before too..
cause the Settings Application to be executed.
(06-23-2012, 06:10 AM)Shark007 Wrote: cause the Settings Application to be executed.

Well thats obvious, but i want it to be silent, is there a parameter to be used with either the icaros executable or the settings executable that can trigger it?
in the current relase, it is somewhat complicated.

In the next release, it will use...
regsvr32 "fullpathto\tools\IcarosThumbnailProvider.dll"
Looks like the installation setup has changed. New/different ad options? and for sure another form of installation.
Seems like the downloaded installer contains the proper install files for both 32bit and 64bit versions.
Silent install for 32bit is similar, however the -ai switch is completely broken with 64bit. /S seems to suppress the initial installer options that will extract the original install file. The proper install file seems to be separated out into 2 bin files and an executable that does not respond to -ai switch.
How about can a silent/unattended install be performed?
Also with the new ad options (not bing bar and weather bug) what other registry edits are needed? Or a much easier way to bypass ad installs?
(07-24-2012, 03:07 PM)HP007 Wrote: Also with the new ad options (not bing bar and weather bug) what other registry edits are needed? Or a much easier way to bypass ad installs?

use 7zip to extract the files from the distributed installer and you'll have old-style installers with no advertising and the x64 release will then again recognize the -ai switch.
It worked! Guess it was much simpler than expected, simply dug in and cracked my head over nothing ha!
Starting with version 117 for Windows 8 and 373 for Windows 7 and 64bit (VistaCodecs not included)...
The Settings Application will automatically run upon installation to complete the setup of the codecs.

To close the app via commandline, use either of the following...

1st, get your command prompt into the Tools dir because a 'working directory' needs to be established.

then execute
Settings32.exe 1strun
Settings64.exe 1strun
and the app will close.
How does one go about uninstalling previous version with a command line. We control our software via Group Policy and scripting, with the introduction of the latest versions, I can no longer do a silent uninstall via scripting, before installing the latest version. Can you please provide me with the switches/method needed to do the automated uninstall?

Thanks for a great Codec Pack!

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