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Crash on "Most known" selection
Icaros is crashing when I select "Most known" on thumbnailing preset, and if Thumbnailing is already activated.
It can works sometimes, but if we deactivate, then put the preset on "default", and active and then on "Most known" = crash.

Illustration video : bandicam 0005.mp4

Windows 10 x64

Thank you.
Hi dlord,

I tried reproducing this crash on my Windows 10 x64 system, and so far everything worked as expected. 
I honestly can't think of reason why this crash would happen. I feel like it's a Windows registry related issue 
(one of the filetypes in the 'Most known' preset is somehow blocked in the registry).

Could you do me a favor and check the Windows 'Event log' and see if it contains a log of the crash?
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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