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DVD playback support broken in latest Vista codec versions
Hello. I am using Windows Vista SP2 business edition 32bit and I tried out the latest version of your Vista codecs pack.

When I try to play a DVD in Windows Media Player with the latest Vista codecs installed, I get error message C00D116A that it can't play a DVD.

I tried out different versions of the Vista codecs pack and the problem seemed to first occur with version 6.7.5.

So I installed an older version of the pack after uninstalling the latest one, like version 6.6.5 and DVD playback in WMP works. I also tried out version 6.7.0 and that one seems to work too when playing DVDs in Windows Media Player.

It looks like versions between 6.7.5 and the latest one (6.8.1) of the Vista codecs pack seem to have broken DVD playback support for WMP.

Can you try to fix the problem? thanks.
It works OK here using v681.
press [Reset All] and test again.
nope. tried "reset all" & it didn't work with v681; same thing with v675. WMP in Vista Business edition SP2 still says error can't play DVDs with either of those versions installed (and I think they're using LAV audio/video codecs).

removed v6.81 and gone back to v6.70. that older one used FFDshow codecs to play DVDs in WMP.
maybe I'll try v681 on other editions of Vista like home premium or ultimate, and see if the problem occurs in those or not.
I tested v681 with the default (32bit) Windows Media Player on a clean install of Vista Ultimate 64bit fully up-to-date with Windows update.
You may need to update the graphics driver. I had playback issues until I installed a new video driver.

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