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Event Viewer .NET Framework Error
I get this error repeatedly in event viewer:

.NET Runtime version 4.0.30319.34014 - There was a failure initializing profiling API attach infrastructure. This process will not allow a profiler to attach. HRESULT: 0x80004005. Process ID (decimal): 1124. Message ID: [0x2509].

But the process id changes every time.

Based on this website: http://www.eventid.net/display-eventid-1...hase-1.htm , it seems that the Icaros and the Windows Indexing Service are not working properly together.

Is there a fix to this?

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(10-12-2014, 12:13 PM)Ligre Wrote: http://shark007.net/forum/Thread-About-I...4#pid32124


I was right that it's definitely caused by Icaros. I'll just wait for the fix then.
Any solution to this yet? When will this be fixed?
Hi Kevin.
Did you read through the posts and try the suggested workarounds?

Quote:There are basically 4 ways (that I know of) to avoid the error:

1. Disable all Icaros Property Filetypes in IcarosConfig (this will disable the Property Handler).
2. Disable Windows Search (Indexing) in Services (if you don't use it).
3. Remove any file locations containing Icaros' Property Filetypes (mkv, ogm, flv etc.), from the 'Included locations' list in the 'Indexing options' utility.
4. Exclude the Icaros Property Filetypes from being indexed, by unchecking them in the 'Indexing options' utility, under Advanced -> File Types.
5. Ignore the error. Smile
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The methods Ligre and mad pointed to, are currently the only workarounds I know about.

The warning itself is harmless, as I also pointed out in the linked posts.

A proper fix will be issued later, but it requires me to rewrite the propertyhandler in C++.
It's a longer task, but I have started working on it. I can't say when it will be ready.
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I did read through the thread but I thought I should just wait for the fix.
(10-26-2014, 04:01 AM)kevindd992002 Wrote: I did read through the thread but I thought I should just wait for the fix.

You're welcome to wait for the fix, but as I stated in my previous post, it may take a while before it becomes available.
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