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Feature Request - Smoother Upgrade to New Version and Maintain Previous Settings
I'd love to see this codec pack grow strength to strength. It'd be great to smooth out and simplify the upgrade process (e.g. from version 7.6.7 to 7.6.8).

Each time we apply a new version, it resets all settings to default and then you have to manually re-enable SUGGESTED settings and confirm a selection dialog.

An option to keep settings after an upgrade to a new version in the Settings Application would be really useful. (or simply a "Keep My Settings" option)
[See attached screenshot]

If I've missed out that this already exists somewhere else in the app already please forgive me.

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On the Misc TAB are 2 (currently disabled) buttons, [Save ALL Settings] and [Restore Settings]
which will address your request. I do not have an ETA for their functionality to be completed.

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