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Getting a "cannot display" message
Windows 7 (32-bit) shows small screen, dark blue with lighter streamers; upper left corner says "changing media" , then a window telling me to change my resolution or color at the control panel. I'm set at 1280x1028 max for my monitor, with default landscape color scheme. I tried changing to less resolution and different schemes, to no avail. I left the screen up for 15 minutes or so with the "changing media" message in top left corner, but nothing changed.
Your issue is most likely related to the refresh rate setting of the display device.
Choosing to use a another player other than WMP would probably side step the issue.

On my Tools page I distribute a pre-configured player called MPC-BE. Download and install that player to see if there are any issues with that. Once installed, the player needs no configuration at all as it will use what ever you have set in my Settings Application.

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