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HEVC 4K playback issues
Hi There,

Sorry if this is a double post, but I cannot figure this one out.

I wanted to watch Transformers 4K edition.
I saw stutter in video and audio was behind the frames.

I have uninstalled and upgraded to the latest version.
In the LAV codec i set it to native.
I used the settings for lav for dutch subtitiles.

How can i Ensure the video plays good, audio is in sync and without stuttering and subtitles are in place.?
Thanks everyone.

Regards Robert
what player?
(03-08-2018, 10:19 AM)Shark007 Wrote: what player?

Ah. Oops!

Windows Mediacenter on Windows 10 x64

Graphics Card: Radeon RX 460 2GB Mem. GPU clock 122 MHz
CPU: AMD A8-3870 Mainboard: GA-A75M-UD2H, 8 GB Memory
In the 64bit App
[Reset All]
[x] SUGGESTED settings
mkv tab, [x] disable Media Foundation for MKV

use Metafox from my Tools page to transform MP4 and m2ts (etc) to MKV for better compatibility
Metafox can process entire folders.

H264/5 tab, access LAV [configure] and set hardware acceleration.
native is preferred but copyback can work in some cases where native fails

Audio TAB, as you wish.

On some systems and on OS's before 10, choosing to [x] disable Microsoft's Video decoder on the swap tab
would solve many playback issues. use that if you still have unresolved issues.

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