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Help Please WMC Sound Issue TrueHD
Have you installed updated video drivers from the GPU manufacturer? Not the PC manufacturer.
This would be Intel, AMD or Nvidia. The ones from Windows do not allow audio bitstreaming.
Asking this because this is where you get the bitstreaming capabilities from.

UAC should always be left at the 'Default' setting if video playback is important to you.

One more thing just to put it out there, your PC must connect directly to an AVR using a HDMI cable.
You cannot go to the TV 1st, and then to the AVR.
I have found the problem. First off your settings for the codecs were spot on. My issue was that only 2 of my 7 hdmi ports would accept the passthrough audio. My Blue ray player was able to have dolby atmos work on all ports but for some reason my computer only works on 2 of the ports(weird). Also some settings on the avr would also effect this; zone 2 monitor out settings, zone 1 passthrough settings. Occasionally I will still get a frozen time bar but opening codec with admin rights still fixes it. Thanks for your help.

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