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Hi Shark
Hi Tom

Long time my friend, how are things going out on the coast, if you're still there. Good to see you're still going strong! I remember when all this started as your little personal "project", when you got pissed about the current (at the time) state of CODEC packs and decided to do something about it. I'll bet you never thought you'd become the expert you are, or have your CODEC collection become a staple for millions and still be doing this some 15 (or so) years later...wow!
Besides Marcin (MBAM), Merjin (HijackThis) and a few Tech & Security forum owners (remember TomCoyote and those groups), there's only a few folks I've worked with over the years back then, that actually made something out of their "projects" and they're still going. Oh we could reminisce I guess, but I just wanted to say Hi, it's been way too long since I stopped in.

I was having some playback troubles with an MKV file and thought "wait a tick, I'll update my pack and see if that works". Haven't tried it yet, I started getting nostalgic and figured I'd swing by and see if you're still kickin Wink
Anyway, gotta install your Advanced x64 pack and see if it can help that file's playback stutter issue. VLC played it, but VSO Player, WMP and Win Films & TV had issues. My go-to converter, VSO ConvertX2DVD/HD also didn't like it, it's an mkv H.265 @ 4K and VSO had to parse before loading to determine the true length, that's usually a sign something's not going to work right. If it's not the CODEC, I have Meteorite (repairMKV) that might do the trick, if not it's new file time.

Ok...well, that was a long Hi..haha
Later my friend

been a few years; always good to see an old face.
On the health side of things, I had a quadruple bypass this past April. Doc says I'm good for at least another 20 years! lol

My software will not help the Movies and TV app as it only uses Media Foundation.
The 64bit package also includes the pre-configured MPC-BE player and I'm guesiing it will handle your file without issue.
Yah, and getting older every day my friend, retiring at the end of the year as well so I have to get used to Ex firefighter.
Having a weird issue here bud, I've installed the new advanced codecs and 64bit addon, and while the Manage Apps shows the new install date, every file in both Program Files folders, still shows the old version and install date...can't find a new/updated file in either folder.
Now, I can uninstall everything and do a clean install of the new codecs, but I'd have to run the uninstallers in the Prog Files folders to try and get rid of the old stuff because it's no longer registered in Manage Apps, and for some reason, I'm foreseeing a possible problem there with some registry changes.
Have you seen this before?

P.S. Sorry to hear you needed a bypass bud, but glad you're OK now!

Using the [UNINSTALL] button on the Help TAB of both apps will thoroughly clean the registry.
After they complete successfully, you can manually delete anything left behind in the install folders.

Only use the x64ComponentsPM package. (I suggest using the STANDARD release)
It is a standalone installer that includes only 64bit codecsa and 64bit versions of the MPC-BE player which uses the 64bit madVR renderer.

Today's x64ComponentsPM release has an updated madVR (92.17) containing important fixes.

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