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How to Translate Icaros

Icaros PO Template:  DOWNLOAD
[Last Updated: January 24 2017]


1. Download Poedit: http://poedit.net/

2. Grab the IcarosConfig.pot file from the top of this post

3. Open Poedit and click "Create new translation". Choose the IcarosConfig.pot file

4. Select your language and start translating

5. Once you've finished some or all translations, click 'Save' and save the file as 'Config.**.po',
   where the ** is the language tag which is already present once the dialog opens (e.g Config.en.po)

6. Save the file into the \Resources\Localize folder of the Icaros installation directory.

7. Open IcarosConfig, click the gear in the upper right corner to open the 'ui settings' page, 
   then select your language under the LOCALIZATION setting


  If you have an existing po file open in Poedit and IcarosConfig at the same time, and you're working on your translation,
  it is possible to view any changes you make in Poedit, right away in IcarosConfig with just a simple button press

1. Translate a new string or make a change to a translation in Poedit

2. Click 'Save'

3. Switch over to IcarosConfig and press F9, to view the updated strings.


1. Grab the new POT file 

2. Double-click your existing PO file (located in the \Resources\Localize directory) to open in Poedit

3. Click 'Catalog->Update from POT file...' in the menu, and select the new POT file

4. Translate any new or modified (fuzzy) strings

5. Click 'Save'


If you're unsure how to translate a specific terminology, the Microsoft Language Portal can be 
a very useful site: https://www.microsoft.com/Language/en-US/Search.aspx

Remember to send me any new or updated localization files so I can include them in the next release of Icaros!


A Special Thanks to all of the people that have helped with translations of Icaros:
  • Armenian (Thanks to Aram Vardanyan)
  • English (Default)
  • Chinese (Simplified) (Thanks to danei)
  • Chinese (Traditional) (Thanks to Chi-Shiuan)
  • Danish (Thanks to Anon)
  • French (Thanks to Spirytus and ILVES)
  • German (Thanks to Mike)
  • Greek (Thanks to PyroStar)
  • Hungarian (Thanks to nvi9)
  • Italian (Thanks to brunosso)
  • Japanese (Thanks to Donkichirou)
  • Polish (Thanks to Xyzzy)
  • Portuguese (Thanks to Rubens Vinícius)
  • Russian (Thanks to Ligre)
  • Spanish (Thanks to Parody)
  • Turkish (Thanks to torelafes)
  • Ukrainian (Thanks to Darko)
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Hi there Xanashi. I appreciate your hard work & i already loved this tiny program, that's why i translated it into French. If you would like to take a look at it here it is my friend

Thank you so much for the contribution! I can't tell you guys enough how much I appreciate this work!
Even before the official release of Icaros 3.0, we already have 8 complete localizations of the new GUI. 
That is phenomenal!

Not only that, but I've actually received two french translations this week alone. 
I honestly hadn't expected that to happen, so from now on, I will try my best to keep this page updated on which 
translations has already been done, to keep you all informed. :)

As for the current two french translations, I will of course credit both you and Spirytus for your great work,
however I'm unsure what to do next.

I'm going to attach the other french translation I recieved from Spirytus  to this post, and hope that someone can take a look at both translations
and possible combine the best of both files into one final file.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Hi there,

About the french translation, imo, the version you attached, Xanashi, is more accurate even if it contains some mistakes.
With all due respect to ILVES, some sentences seem to be "google" translated to me. Again, it's just my opinion :-)
Hi, my name is Aram, i have translated Icaros v 3.0.0 RC 2 into Armenian, you can integrate it, thanks.
I translate the string into Italian! Icaros v3.0.0 RC3

I attach Polish Icaros translation. Please PM me if you need contact.
(08-07-2016, 11:58 AM)Xyzzy Wrote: Hello,

I attach Polish Icaros translation. Please PM me if you need contact.

Thank you so much for the translation Xyzzy! It is truly appreciated.
I'll be sure to include it in the next release of Icaros.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
I made a Finnish translation for Icaros yesterday. [see attached .7z-archive]

However, two of the translated strings cannot fit properly and a third string is only visible on large displays (1920px is fine, 1280px cuts off) [see attached image]

Also, there is a non-translatable string in 'ui settings', inside the drop-box underneath 'THEME OPTIONS', but i guess that feature is either still incomplete (or it's broken somehow), since the only option i see there is 'Light'.
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Hi there Xanashi. I appreciate your hard work and i translated (updates & corrected) it into Turkish language for last version.

Icaros v3.0.1 Turkish Language

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