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I have old version of Shark Advanced 5.6.7 and Can't Uninstall it

Running windows 10 noticed lately that the sound doesn't always work on .mkv files so I thought to update my Shark Codecs.

Well I can't remove the old version at all the Uninstall option is not available from the Apps & Features in Windows 10 build 1803.

I am trying to use the Windows FixIT that was suggested in another thread.

I chose Shark Advanced Codecs but it doesnt' seem to uninstalling it at all.

Here is where the files were installed:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Shark007\Advanced

C:\Program Files\Shark007

I just want to clean this off so I can install the newer files
FixIt removes the registry entries allowing you to install a current version.

Have you tried just installing a newer version since running FixIt?
The installer process is capable of cleaning up older installs as it installs newer files.

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