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Icaros Cache-Indexer Issue *Help Me*
There is an issue with the Settings for this program as the indexer/cache does not work. NOT 1 PERSON INCLUDING THE CREATORS OF THIS PROGRAM WILL ANSWER ME OR SOME FEEDBACK.

Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Version 1709
Build 16299.19

Shark Advanced Codec Pack v8.3.4

Icaros Thumbnailing v3.0.3 Beta1

Here is the issue. Regardless if you use the 32 bit or 64 bit Shark settings, you have to open the 64 bit settings app to access the Icaros settings app. Here you can turn ON or OFF the "THUMBNAILING", "PROPERTIES" and "CACHE".

Ok so when you open a folder of videos or audio, the thumbnails load properly and display properly. But every time you close the folder and reopen it later, the thumbnails have to reload again. So the purpose of the Cache/indexer is so these thumbnails do not have to reload every time you open a folder with the file types that are supported such as: mp4, avi, ETC.

So I enabled the Icaros "THUMBNAILING", "PROPERTIES" and "CACHE". Cache as shown in photo 1 states you must create a new folder location first. I did so creating folder "IcarosCache2". But the "BUILD CACHE" "BUTTON" on bottom will not turn on so you can click on it to start the indexer/cache. Therefore this is totally useless.

NOTE: I use 32 bit shark settings for audio and video playback using "SUGGESTED SETTINGS" for all files to play in Windows Media Player. **DO YOU HAVE TO SET IT TO USE 64BIT SETTINGS FOR PLAY BACK BEFORE THE BUILD CACHE BUTTON WILL ENABLE TO BUILD THE CACHE**



NOTE: My video and Audio files are on Separate Hard Drives (NOT ON SYSTEM DRIVE C:\). But the shortcut folders to these files are on Drive C:\Public. Regardless, all folder and files thumbnails have to reload every time you access them because this indexer/thumbnailing cache does not work.

NOTE: I have also in the "TOOLS" function, "CLEARED THE WINDOWS THUMBNAIL CACHE" **Which is actually separate from this cache thumbnailing index feature through Icaros**. Also RESET both of the NATIVE file type functions and refreshed Windows explorer to no success. I even deleted the Windows thumbnails in Disc Cleanup in Windows and nothing will enable this button to start building the icaros cache.

ALSO: There is 2 options, "STATIC" and "DYNAMIC". First it was automatically set on Static which I would not want and now it is on Dynamic but useless because the whole function is not working. **I see you have to click enable - disable cache to alternate back and forth between "STATIC" and "DYNAMIC". So I now understand this part of it**

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