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Incorrect Frame Width & Height in File Properties
This is my first post here, so please forgive me. Anyway, for some strange reason, the last few betas I tried out, I've been seeing incorrect data for the Frame Width, Frame Height and Frame rate. The properties all show as 0, and this only seems to happens with FLV files, in Windows 7. When I go back to the stable version, this problem does not appear with FLV files or any type of files to be exact. I'm not sure if Windows is the problem or not, but I'd like to know how to go about solving this particular issue. Thanks! 

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Hi djb247365, 

I'm currently working on a fix for parsing width and height from FLV files with H264 tracks.
However this has always been an issue, even in the stable version of Icaros, the only difference is the
stable version simply didn't show the properties at all in Explorer. (I might change the new beta versions to do the same, I'm not sure yet).

If you have any FLV files that showed properties with the stable version of Icaros, 
which does not show the same properties with the new beta version, then please provide me with a sample. 

Hopefully I can also grab the framerate with this fix, whenever it is not variable.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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