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LAV Audio mixing tab not functioning properly
So I may be late to the game on this but noticed the newest advanced codecs although extremely simplified with LAV doesn't seem to include ffdshow or ac3 filter.  I was using them to mix stereo sources on the fly into 5.1 since my receiver doesn't natively for aac.  LAV includes a mixing tab with the features I desire but although I set it to 5.1 and the status says its output is 6 channel only my front and left speakers are active.  Is there any workaround for this?
Both AC3Filter and FFDshow are included but disabled by default. AC3filter can be enabled and configured from the config tab and ffdshow can be enabled in 2 ways, either on the misc tab or on the audio tab by disabling lav audio. Ffdshows config screens are accessed on the config tab
I'm having trouble locating those settings.  I know where you are referring to in the older version of the app with the codec config dropdown menu but I don't see it in 6.3.5  Also the misc tab doesn't appear to have any setting related to enabling ffdshow, if it does I'm sorry I'm not seeing it.

EDIT: Sorry it appears I was running x64 components without the advanced codecs installed as well.

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