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Live TV issues
I'm using windows media center connected to my Yamaha AVR, which in turn is connected to the back of my TV, all via HDMI.  My cable company broadcasts MPEG 2, with 6 channel audio.  On this particular setup Live TV will not play correctly as in it throws a video error, or just plays without sound, when I have the sound in windows 7 configured for either 5 or 7 channel audio.  I'm using shark's preferred setup.  What can I do to fix this.  MKVs play fine via Emby but I can only get live TV to behave when I configure windows for 2 channel sound.  Even within WMC itself, the sound works fine but starts misbehaving in the manner described above when I watch live TV>
For proper audio output over hdmi to a receiver, Windows should be set to stereo. (2 channel)
That fixed it, thanks.

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