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MCE audio issue
I'm troubleshooting an issue with MCE that is causing the audio to cut out for about half a second at the end of every song. It happens at the very end when there is 20 seconds of the song remaining. The audio files are .m4a AAC.

The issue started sometime after installing the Shark007 standard codecs a few months ago, so I thought the best place to start would be updating to the latest version.

At the bottom of the main page it says:

"UPGRADE installations are fully functional! (but not recommended) If you are upgrading to solve an issue, I suggest that you UNINSTALL the old version"

What is it talking about? Is it safe for me to install the latest version on top of the old version?

Another thing I want to try is to revert back to the state my PC was in before installing the old version, do I just uncheck "Suggested Settings"? Or would I have to uninstall it?
upgrade installs are fine and do not create issues.

pressing [Reset All] is the same as uninstalling and lets Windows decode those files.
selecting to use the [x] SUGGESTED settings allows LAV to decode those files.

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