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MKV ACTOR Properties in Explorer MISSING...
Hello all. I have Icaros installed and activated. It seems to be working correctly. I can see MKV thumbnails and some property fields show in explorer like resolution, audio, subtitle and Title. However, many properties are missing and do not show in explorer.

I have used a product called MetaX (http://www.danhinsley.com/) to tag my movie files. The MKV movie file contains all the tags and required information. Tags like ARTIST, ACTOR, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, DATE RELEASED and so on are all present and correctly labeled. I can verify this using Potplayer, (https://potplayer.daum.net/) my movie player of choice. Right click and then go Playback info and then file info. You can then see the Tags in the file and what they contain.

A product called Media Tab (http://mediatab.mediaarea.net/) also shows the tags correctly by right clicking the MKV in Windows explorer. Go properties and then click on Media
Tab. The point to all this is that I know the files contain the correct tag information and that MetaX has indeed added this correctly to the files. However, I can't get Icaros to show or use this information in Windows Explorer.

For example there is no Actor field to choose in explorer? Its missing on my system....? Other fields when selected like Year, Producer, Directors, Duration are just left blank. The information in the details columns just isn't there. Its NOT making it from the file to the column display.

I suspect Icaros may need an update to fix this behavior. This may actually be more a feature request rather than a bug fix...? I will let you decide on that.... But in particular I want to be able to order my movies via the Actor column which isn't present on my Windows Explorer.... How can this column be added? (I am running Win 7 x64.) And can we get Icaros updated and pumping this tag information to the proper columns in explorer? This is a long waited and much needed feature.

Much thanks.
Hi ant75,

This is actually a planned feature, which basically means I'm working on it, and it's in the top of my TO-DO list.

I've been pushing this feature back a few times, as I was unsure how to go about the implementation of the feature.
There is a discrepancy between the very flexible tagging system in the Matroska file format, and the adamant nature of the Windows property system,
that makes it kind of tough to get the implementation right.

However, I've recently rewritten the Icaros Property Handler, and the new underlying framework should make it easier for me to
work on this feature.

One thing you could help me with, would be to mention which tags you would like to see exposed in Explorer.
I will of course try to display as many as possible, but test files are usually quite limited, and having a list of requested tags
would be a great help. :)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Thanks for your reply. This is an important feature and I am glad to hear its on the top of your to do list. I am glad to help anyway possible and have looked through a couple of my movie files at the tags added by MetaX.

 It would be nice to add custom columns in Windows Explorer and this would be my first choice of operation because we could map MKV names directly to the Columns and they would be correct and exact. However, I Googled doing this and it sadly looks as if we can't add new custom columns to explorer. It was removed and broken in Windows Vista and was not fixed in Windows 7. It appears as if it still isn't fixed. Microsoft.......

So we will need to map the MKV details to existing Windows Explorer columns. For movies at least this is what I feel we need. The first label is what MetaX has called the data item in the MKV file. The second label is what it could possibly be mapped to in Windows Explorer.

* Duration -> Duration   (Currently works as Length)
* Total Bitrate -> Total Bitrate    (Already Working)
* Encoded Application -> Encoded By
* Title -> Title (Already Working)
* Artist/Actor -> Contributing Artists
* Director -> Directors
* Producer -> Producer (->Producers)
* Production Studio -> Company
* Genre -> Genre
* Date Released -> Date Released (-> Year)
* Content Type -> Content Type
* Description/Summary -> Summary
* Synopsis -> Description
* Law Rating -> Parental Rating
* Video Format -> Video Tracks (Already Working)
* Width -> Frame Width (Already Working)
* Height -> Frame Height (Already Working)
* Aspect Ratio -> Orientation
* Multiview Count -> Channel Number (Will be 1 for 2D video and 2 for 3D)
* Frame Rate -> Frame Rate (Already Working)
* Audio Format -> Audio Tracks (Already Working)
* Text Format -> Subtitle Tracks (Already Working)
* Chapters -> Contains Chapters (Already Working)

In addition to the above we would need to look at Ratings, Comments and Episode Names. These were not added by MetaX in my movie files but I think it allows this information to be added to the MKV files. It would be very useful to be able to sort movies via a Rating system.... I also need to have a look at MKV Tagger as well. This is a free alternative to MetaX that adds meta data to MKV files. Need to see if it is using the same tag names..... (http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/thread...os.116870/)

Anyway that about does it for movies.... Music may need different tags. A job for later.... It would be very useful to add somewhere in Icaros a list of the properties tags available in explorer for each file type that Icaros supports and is adding property data for. I found a few above that were working that I didn't know about.....

Anyhow, lets continue work on making this already great and much needed product even better!
(03-20-2015, 01:00 AM)I second this request, I would be happy if just the basic info would display  : Wrote: Not working with or with-out Icaros
  • Title (Not working for me using Icaros, as can be seen in my screen shots below)
  • Artist/Actor
  • Genre
  • Date Released
  • Description
Working using Icaros
  • Frame Width
  • Frame Height
  • Thumbnails (when using thumbnail view)
Using Microsoft Windows 8.1 and have downloaded and tried both Icaros_v2.3.0_b5 and Icaros_v2.2.7

Im also using MetaX to download and populate my MKV movie or tv show data and pictures from both thetvdb.com and themoviedb.com
I can confirm that MetaX is loading the tags in MKV files but Windows Explorer and Icaros do not recognise the info tags.

I have uploaded a few screen shots below for PoC plus my log files that may help you decipher how to map MKV tags with Windows Explorer column

  1. Below MetaX downloading info to populate the MKV file

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=2669]

  2. MediaTab v1.4 installed, right mouse click MKV tv show from context menu > view properties > (MediaTab) shows the data does exist in MKV file:

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=2671]

  3. Now viewing file details list in Windows Explorer with preferred columns enabled - only MP4 files is working? MKV only have Frame Width / Height working:

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=2670]

  4. Confirming the MKV movie Tags exist and can be read with another media player: Media Monkey - file information.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=2672]

  5. Confirming the MKV movie Tags exist and can be read with another media player: VLC Media Play - General TAB file information.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=2673]

  6. Confirming the MKV movie Tags exist and can be read with another media player: VLC Media Play - MetaData TAB file information.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=2674]

  7. Log files (info about the MKV file including actors,title, plot,[b]frame dimensions etc. ) from MediaTab 1.4 and Windows Media Player Classic[/b]

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Any updates on getting some of these extra properties out of MKV files and onto the Windows explorer details columns? I just tried version 3.0 RC2 and it doesn't appear to add any of these additional properties like ACTOR.

Is it still on the high part of the to do list? Would be really great when this is working.

Much thanks.

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