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New Release: 2.2.7 Final
Hello Everyone,

Here is the final release of 2.2.7.

It's the same as the previous beta, save the few changes listed below.

- Fixed small thumbnails for very large images
- A couple of decoding tweaks and fixes to the thumbnail provider
- Updated FFmpeg

Let's hope no new bugs or regressions appear after these changes.
Here is the full changelog for 2.2.7.

[Icaros v.2.2.7 Final]
- Added support for Tak thumbnailing
- Added support for Tak properties
- Added support for WavPack thumbnailing
- Added support for WavPack properties
- Added support for Webm properties
- Added support for DV-AVI properties
- Added support for Opus thumbnailing
- Added support for Opus properties
- Added 'Bit Depth' property to music files
- Made Ogg, Opus, Webm, Tak, and Wv default thumbnail filetypes
- Fixed gray thumbnails for certain HEVC/H265 files
- Fixed property handler hang with certain avi files
- Fixed thumbnailing of incomplete Wtv files
- Fixed small thumbnails for very large images
- Fixed channel count for mpc files
- Fixed property parsing for certain apetag files with covers
- Fixed Multiple artist entries not showing up consistently
- Changed Ogg to display music properties
- Improved Ogg/Ogm parser to get more metadata
- Improved HEVC level idc detection (shown in the Video Tracks property)
- foobar2000's album artist tag is now recognized
- In case of duplicate artist names, only a single entry will be displayed
- A couple of decoding tweaks to the thumbnail provider
- Many minor fixes and changes
- Updated FFmpeg

- Improved installer
  - Locked files are now handled directly by the installer
  - Installer should now work properly with /SILENT and /VERYSILENT switches. See all switches here: http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/topic_setupcmdline.htm.

Icaros 2.2.7 Final Installer: Download
Icaros 2.2.7 Final Portable: Download

[Release notes]
- Ogg and Opus properties are enabled/disabled via the 'Ogm' checkbox, until the new UI arrives.
- Webm properties are enabled/disabled via the 'Mkv' checkbox, until the new UI arrives.
- The framerate property for webm files is currently not working very well.

Enjoy! ;)

Oh, and I will be posting a new Beta build today as well, so stay tuned.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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