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New Release: 3.0.1 Final
Good Afternoon Everyone,

Here is the final release of v.3.0.1.
The only change since the RC was an improvement to the
-unlock command, which didn't quite work before.

And regarding that, I've had some users asking me why Icaros no longer unlocks
itself during uninstall, and truth be told, I had actually forgotten that I had
disabled this feature a while back, because the Inno Installer had added this feature natively.

Unfortunately Inno doesn't seem to unlock files during uninstall, only during upgrade installs.
I haven't reenabled the feature, so users that need to uninstall Icaros should probably use the 
-unlock command first, if they want to avoid a reboot. Users that need to upgrade should get proper
unlocking during the installation.

Stay tuned for a new beta release in a moment.

Enjoy the new release! ;)

[Icaros v.3.0.1 FINAL]

- Added support for Comic Book files (CBZ, CBR, CB7, EPUB) 
- Comic Book files can contain any kind of image format (jpg, png, gif, webp etc)
- Added new commandline options (use -help/-? to view them)
- Added notifier to thumbnail page that shows results of drag n drop operations (see notes)
- Added 'Video Only' and 'Audio Only' presets
- Added option to enable/disable video reel thumbnail border

- Added Polish localization (Thank you Xyzzy!)
- Added Turkish localization (Thank you Torelafes!)
- Added Ukrainian localization (Thank you Darko!)
- Added Japanese localization (Thank you Donkichirou!)
- Updated Danish, German, Portuguese and Russian localization

- Fixed Optimfrog thumbnailing
- Fixed Optimfrog bitrate values
- Fixed duration/bitrate/channel properties for certain MP3 files
- Improved duration precision for some MP3 files
- Improved mkv handling slightly
- Improved donation links (labels and extra info)
- Improved -unlock command (will now perform a much cleaner unlock of Icaros)
- Recognize WEBP as an image format
- Fixed a handful of minor bugs
- Updated GCC to 6.2
- Updated FFmpeg

Icaros 3.0.1 FINAL Installer: Download
Icaros 3.0.1 FINAL Portable: Download
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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