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New Release: 3.0.2 FINAL
Good Afternoon everyone,

Two new releases today.
Finishing up 3.0.2 and introducing 3.0.3.

These past few months I've been alarmingly bad at replying to 
bug reports and support threads, even worse than usual, and I appologise for that.

I do, however, check out every report and issue sent to me, so rest assured, your reports aren't wasted.

And on that note, I've also decided to create an official issue tracker so tracking these reports will
become easier from now on. Issue tracker can be found on GitHub:


New beta will follow along shortly, stay tuned!

But for now, enjoy the new release! ;)

[Icaros v.3.0.2 FINAL]

- Replaced libarchive with libunarr for even better Comic Book file support
- Added Hungarian localization (Thank you nvi9!)
- Added Finnish localization (Thank you Nuihc88!)
- Added 'time elapsed' label to the Cache Indexer
- Fixed Comic Book cover selection (didn't always select the right cover image)
- Fixed artefacts showing in thumbnails of certain filetype/format combinations
- Fixed some names from getting 'cut off' in the contributor section on the about page
- Fixed some rendering bugs in IcarosConfig
- Improved the Icaros cache location folder permission check
- Slightly improved handling of dark frames
- Improved UI color calculations
- Updated Danish, Italian and Turkish localizations (Thank you Kawamoto!)
- Updated copyright to 2017
- Updated GCC to 7.1
- Updated FFmpeg

Icaros 3.0.2 FINAL Installer: Download
Icaros 3.0.2 FINAL Portable: Download

[NOTE: Changes since last beta (2) below]

- Added 'time elapsed' label to the Cache Indexer
- Slightly improved handling of dark frames
- Fixed UI rendering on when IcarosConfig is maximized
- Improved UI color calculations
- Updated GCC to 7.1

BTW. If I've forgotten to include or update any localization files in this release, please let me know!
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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