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New Release: 3.1.0 Beta 2
Good Afternoon Everyone,

It's very very hot inside and outside here today, so not gonna write much.
Here is a new build with the latest fixes, updates and so on.

Many many thanks to everyone who has donated, helped with translations and helped out with troubleshooting
bugs. I appreciate it all!

Enjoy the new release! ;)

[Icaros v.3.1.0 Beta 2]

- Fixed framerate property not displaying fragments in Explorer (only works on latest Win 10 builds)
- Fixed crash when decoding HEVC on newer CPUs
- Fixed thumbnailing of certain MP4 files
- Installer now installs 32-bit components by default on Win 64 systems
- Added the extensions: mpv4, hdmov, f4v to 'video only' and 'most known' presets
- Tweaked minidumps to be about half as large in size (see notes below)
- The "test mode" in IcarosConfig will now always produce a minidump in case of a crash
- Made time elapsed label on indexing page translatable
- Updated Russian and German localizations (Thank you Ligre and Mike! ^__^)
- Updated FFmpeg

Icaros 3.1.0 Beta 2 Installer: Download
Icaros 3.1.0 Beta 2 Portable: Download

Issue Tracker


I've tried my best to tweak the minidump outputs to be as small as possible while still giving me enough info to
actually troubleshoot the issues. Unfortunately making them actually "mini" i.e. in the kb range, is no longer enough
for most of the reports I receive. Knowing which haystack the needle is in may sometimes be enough, but most of the
time it simply isn't. 
In other words, the minidumps will still be pretty large, but should no longer be in the "full"-dump size. 
Instead of being 360+MB they should now be around 180MB instead. Basically half the size, which hopefully will
be a good enough compromise for now (Until I learn more).
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Thanks! Will report any issues I encounter. I don't see a ton of replies in these threads, but I do check in here a few times a week for all the progress and bug reports. Thanks for your continued work.
I installed "3.1.0 Beta 2" and also in "About" in GUI "3.1.0 Beta 2" is displayed but in installed programs in Win10 Pro 18.03 it is listed as "Icaros 3.0.9".
I beg to correct this cosmetic issue Smile
Bug can't show resolution (width & height) in file MP4 H265 (HEVC).
Bug only in H265.
H264 and MKV is normal.

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