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New Version 8.2.8 Breaks Some TIF Thumbnails
I installed Advanced Codecs 8.2.8 (uninstalled previous version 7.3.0).  After I did so I found that the preview thumbnails no longer display properly for .TIF files.


[Image: TIFThumb_Nails.png]

I'm positive Advanced Codecs broke this because I did a image backup restore and it was displaying properly again. But after I installed Advanced Codecs 8.2.8 the .TIF files preview thumbnails stopped displaying again.

How to fix this?


Never mind. I found the solution by tinkering with the Icaros Thumbnails configuration settings. I changed the custom file types by adding to it the most know and the .TIF preview thumbnails magically re-appeared again.

Custom - Default


Custom - After Adding Most Known


[Image: TIFThumb_Nails2.png]
Adding tiff filetypes to Icaros has caused problems with the lockscreen images in Windows 10 so it is not used as a default.

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