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No DTS output when Media Foundation is disabled?
Same exact thing. I only see the green arrow systray icon. No LAV.
Well, all I can suggest now is to uninstall and re-install the codecs.
Use the [UNINSTALL] button on the help TAB of each app for complete removal.
There may be errors about the LAV decoders during uninstall, that would be expected.
When uninstalling I got no errors at all. X64 component uninstallation wanted to restart the computer, and after reboot I installed the standard codecs.

Tested the file and the same result as before uninstall/reboot/install.
The problem must be specific to that file then.
Another Idea is to use Metafox from my Tools page to extract the contents of the original file and place them into a new MKV.
Once Metafox is installed, just drag n drop your file onto the desktop shortcut the installer placed there.
It will create a new MKV automatically leaving your original untouched.
It finally works as expected.

The issue was not with the file. It was that I never ran the Settings application as my user, but always as the Admin user. All the settings that I wanted to change requires an admin account, so why start the settings application as my user?

When I started the Settings Application as the logged in user (non admin) it said "Resetting the user account...PLEASE WAIT". I waited for 8 minutes, and as the message never went away I opened the file in WMP, and the LAV icons showed up together with the green arrow icon.

Thank you for your help. Perhaps this will help someone else in the future.
I'll have to admit, I am getting old (58 next month).
Its been so long since I wrote the user account routine, I completely forgot it existed.
I'll look into why the  please wait message never cleared itself, (edit - fixed in 679) and thank you for finding the solution on your own!

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