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No Sound MP4 Files on Movies & TV
Hi.. My name is Dimas from Indonesia, and I always instal Advanced Shark Codec on my computers.

I used Advanced Codec and using Windows 10, i have a problem No Sound to play Mp4 Videos, please advice me.

[Image: 7eJyb3rr7j1tWrUleDPXlMgLjgzag9NVtkMFXiA1...26-h668-rw]

Video on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FzVl_ogOQU , and i have downloaded this video. This link videos

The Movies & TV app does not make use of the installed codecs.
Go to my Tools page , download and install the MPC-BE player.
Use that to play the files/movies that fail to play in your preferred player.

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