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No sound with .M2ts files

When I play .m2ts files with Windows Media Player, I do not have sound.

Should a parameter be changed for this?

I specify that I am under Windows Seven. I just tried with the latest version of the codec (7.8.9) with the recommended settings and it does not change anything. On my other windows 8.1 pc I can read .m2ts files without problems (Codec Haali installed).

Thank you in advance

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Go to the mpg/mp4 TAB in my App and you can select to use Haali there
What must I check because I am lost. Then I have to close the application? Restart Windows?


I tried by selecting the 2 use Haali Splitter and deselecting Disable Haali (Globally) but it does not change anything

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Press [Reset All] to return to the installation defaults. This action will also clear other settings which may be causing issues.
This action also sets LAV splitter to be used for M2TS files which is not working for you.

If LAV splitter doesn't work for you, 
go to the mpg/mp4 TAB and set it as in my attached screenshot below and it will use Haali splitter for that format.

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It does not change anything, I still have no sound on .m2ts files
how can I do.

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My next suggestion would have to be to use the [UNINSTALL] button on the Help TAB of both Apps
because your codecs are nearly 2 years old.
Get the latest release from MajotGeeks which will probably work with default settings without trying to set Haali for the format.
As I wrote to you in my 1st post, I tried with the latest version (7.8.9) with the Suggested setting of select and it does not work. The problem is that if I do not select this parameter other things will not work anymore. It's been years since I set these codecs and doing everything by doing a reset.

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There is a tool on my Tools page called Metafox.
When you drag n drop any type of file to this tool, it will extract the audio, video, and subtitle streams from the original file and place them, untouched, into an MKV.  This tool can process an entire folder if needed. The MKV's created by this tool will most likely work without issue.
Thank you is nice but I know how to do with MKVTollnix. What I want is to be able to read directly ...

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Could you use the button on the Misc TAB to [Analyze a media file] on the M2TS file and post that output here?
Then I can see what type of raw streams are in the file to better be able to suggest a solution for direct playback.

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