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No subtitles in WMC with suggested settings for 64 bit browser video

I'm experiencing some problems with the suggested settings.

I use Windows Media Center to watch my anime's (mostly h264 mkv with soft subs). This works fine when I apply the shark007 suggested settings and choose "no" at the popup asking for LiveTV etc.

I also use a 64 bit Firefox browser to watch tv (my cable provider offers online tv). With above settings, this does not work. Only sound, no video. They use a html5 player, but i don't know the codec specifics.

If I select the suggested settings and choose "yes", browser video now works, but I don't have any subtites in WMC anymore.

Is there a way to get both to work properly?

Many thanks in advance!

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choose yes when selecting the SUGGESTED settings
go to the mkv TAB and choose to disable Media Foundation for MKV
That did the trick, thank you, I appreciate the hard work!!

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