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Odd issues with latest version
So I’m having this odd issue with the latest version(s) of the advanced codec pack (893). The problem is that for MKV files with internal subtitles, DirectVobSub is “unavailable” if I do not install the x64 components. ( http://puu.sh/zOwa7/4e4ad0bb89.png ) DirectVobSub simply does not launch unless I install the x64 component. When installed, subtitle playback is normal. However, gif playback becomes... unstable.

This problem affects any .gif, but I'll use this one for example.

x64 installed: http://puu.sh/zPf7v/1cfa995f0e.png
x64 uninstalled: http://puu.sh/zPee1/64f524f17c.png

Not to sure what's causing the problem. The last version of the pack I used, 749, didn't have this problem. 
I'm running Windows 7 SP1.
Choosing to uninstall the x64Components after the 32bit installer has installed them causes issues because shared registry keys (both 32 and 64bit) required by the 32bit components are being removed by the x64 uninstaller.

If you do not want the x64Components installed, choose a Custom 32bit installation, and deselect the x64Components so that they aren't installed to begin with.
Doing it this way will not remove the required keys. See attachment.
I need x64 installed because without it DirectVobSub doesn't work properly.
I can only assume you did not read, or possibly, did not understand my previous reply.

The x64Compnents are NOT required for DirectVobSub to function in 32bit players.
Please re-read my initial response and have a look at the attachment.
Okay with your help the subtitle issue is resolved.
However, the gif playback problem still exists. Something in the pack is corrupting it.

x32 MPC with x32 893: corrupted gif playback
x64 MPC with x32 893: correct playback
x64 MPC with x64 893: corrupted gif playback

Left is x64 MPC, right is x32 MPC. Only x32 comp is installed. http://puu.sh/zPkpj/3b85d4caa9.png

I'm not trying to say that gif playback in MPC is a critical issue. I'm just trying to bring the problem to light since this problem did not exist in older versions of the pack (at least not in the one I had before this).
just to be sure...
you are aware that MPC uses its own internal version of lav filters and not the ones installed by my codecs?
The easiest way to make it use the installed codecs is to remove the lavfilters directory from within the installed MPC directory.
I had no idea it used different lav filters. I had no idea what the issue was, that's why I came to where the experts are lol.

Thank you for the answer.

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