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Plex Server on Windows 10 PC
Hello all,

I am running Windows 10 on an Intel NUC(5th gen i7). My Plex Media Server is on this NUC and handles all my media work. I tried to install both the 32/64 bit advanced codecs and took the recommended options, but when playing back media from Plex alot of stuttering happened. When I removed the codecs the stuttering went away. I am trying to understand how I can combine the NUC and the codecs together for an optimal solution.

Most all my media is in MKV format. Typically these are 1 hour TV shows. 

I am not familiar with Plex.
I am willing to guess at your solution.

Bitness (32 vs 64bit) settings may matter.
My software separates bitness into 2 Settiings Applications.

On the mkv TAB is a checkbox to [x] disable Media Foundation for MKV
Try using that to solve your issue.

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