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PowerDVD options
The settings application continues to have the options for using the PowerDVD decoders. To use them, you need to acquire these dll's separately.
Of course, the dll's will need to be in their proper location (...\filters\cyberlink) before making a PDVD selection in the Settings Application.

How to: acquire the Cyberlink DLL's from an officially downloaded UPDATE installer
Update PowerDVD 12 to build 3519   <--- get this one

TAKE NOTICE, PowerDVD 13 and 14 <--- do NOT work properly!

Open the downloaded file using 7zip and extract the contents.
Within the extracted contents, open the file, Data1.7z using 7zip, and extract its contents
Browse into the folder named Common, and remove the folder, VideoFilter
Rename the folder VideoFilter to cyberlink and place that cyberlink folder into the Shark007\Advanced\filters\ directory
Once the cyberlink folder is placed into the correct directory, the DLL's are ready for use within the Settings Application.

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