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Preferably tag/column in a single word
Love the Icaros tool on my W7·64. Works like charm.
I'd suggest one improvement: that the tags (or "columns" as shown in WindowsExplorer) shoud consist of one word only, without spaces.
So it would be possible to search for specific tags via W7-search.
Now it is not possible to search for AAC "Audio tracks" because of the space. Being able to perform a W7-search like "ext:MKV AudioTracks:AAC" would be awesome.
I just tested the search line you suggested (ext:mkv audiotracks:aac),
and it worked exactly as you had in mind.

To clarify; the label you see in the columns e.g. "Audio Tracks", are actually not what is used for the searching keywords.
The actual searching keywords can't be registered in more than a single word, so 'audiotracks:' is the right word to use when using the search field.

It's the same if you were to find a file via its "Date Created" property.
The label is two words but the search keyword/filter is 'datecreated:'.

If it doesn't work for you, there are a couple possible reasons why:

1. You have Icaros installed within your user directory, i.e.: C:\Users\Username.

If that is the case, the search indexer simply can't access the property handler, and will fail to save the properties to its index.

2. Your indexing options have not been properly set, which could mean
that your media folders are not getting indexed at all, or certain filetypes
are not included when your files are being indexed.

Check out the "Indexing Options" utility in Windows to set these options.
You can find it, if you search the start menu in Win7.

3. Your index haven't been updated after the installation of Icaros.
In that case you just need to use the "Rebuild" button in the Advanced section of the Indexing Options utility.
Restart Explorer, or reboot entirely, afterwards.

Let me know if you can get it to work. ;)

EDIT: I've added a screenshot to show you what it looks like, when it's working.

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