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Problem playing avi's and vob's with WMP since Windows 10 1809 upgrade
(11-13-2018, 03:25 PM)Kusaywa Wrote: would using the 64bit Media Player option allow them to play?

Yep. Give it a go.
OK, did some testing on my own... Installed Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on a Windows 7 machine. Opened the 64bit control panel in the Shark007 codecs. Switched the Windows Media Player from Set 32bit player to 64bit player. What this did was when I right clicked, open with, on the video file, it gave me the option of using the either the 32bit or 64bit Media Player. The MKV that wouldn't play, played on the 32bit version and the VOB played on the 64bit version. And it didn't appear any other MKV's or VOB's had any problems. In Windows 10, all I did was switch to 64 bit in the Shark control panel and everything worked. So I hope this helps anyone trying to use Wondershare or any other product that might cause the same problem.

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