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Remove/Disable Black Box or Border in Videos Problem
Hi Developer,

Is there a way we can disable or remove the ugly black box or border in videos and movies? Can your codec pack do that while we play videos using WMP in Windows 10 x64? I don't know why people keep adding those black borders to movies these days since those fullscreen/square TVs were over. Our TV and monitor are already widescreen and they try to make it even wider which is sucks and ugly. Pretty much the vertical screen gets chopped down even further by adding those ugly black boxes, dumb move. 

I prefer to see my movie that fill up the whole screen instead of getting cut off by black borders.

Anyone know how to disable those ugly black border in movies or videos?


under the View menu of the player you can try making changes under the Video size section

Thanks for the quick response. However, your recommendation doesn't work. Is there a setting in your codec pack that can change the video border?


choosing to use a different player may help.
I suggest you go to my Tools page and try MPC-BE

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