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Setting Movie-Specific Thumbnails with Icaros
*~* If this is a topic better placed in the Development forum, I apologize *~*

I am in the process of trying to convert movies to .mkv files and then transfer them to an external hard drive for storage.

I would like to be able to specify different thumbnail offsets for every movie (i.e. -- Movie A has a good representative thumbnail at 29% while Movie B's is at 63%).

Is there an easy way to accomplish this?  It seems that if different stages in the process are carried out in a very specific order (i.e. -- when the movies are ripped, when Icaros is activated at a certain offset, when Icaros is deactivated, when movies are transferred to the EHD) this may be possible.  But this provides no room for error -- if I set five perfect thumbnails and the sixth is bad, my only choice seems to be to reset the thumbcache, which destroys all the work.  I feel like this isn't a totally insane request, so maybe I'm missing something basic.  However I can't find anything on the web that describes this scenario or a solution.

The reason behind the anal retentiveness: my son currently makes cartoon selections on the basis of the different monsters in the pictures on the disc covers -- I'd like to recreate this experience for him with the .mkv thumbnails.

Thank you.
Hi tyrilix,

I hope you're still around. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. :)

This is actually very possible to accomplish, but I would highly suggest that you use another method.
MKV files allows for a cover image to be placed in them and Icaros will use this cover as a thumbnail if it is present in the file.

Now as for adding this cover, you'll have to go through 2 steps. 

1. First step is to find the image, and save it as a jpg or png file.
I suggest you either use google to find an appropriate cover for your video, or alternatively you can use a 
player such as MPC-HC or VLC to take a screenshot of the exact frame you want as your thumbnail.

For example:
To grab a frame with MPC-HC, open the file in with the player, seek to the frame you would like as a thumbnail,
and the press Alt+i to save the frame as an image.

2. Once you have the image you can move on to step two.
Step two is to add the image as a cover to the mkv file. This can be done quite easily and without remuxing or converting the file, 
but it requires that you have MKVToolNix installed.

Once MKVToolNix has been installed, go to the installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix).
The folder should contain an excutable: mkvpropedit.exe.

Now grab the script that I have attached to this post, and extract it into that folder.

To embed an image cover into an MKV file, select the MKV file and the jpg/png file and drag and drop them unto the
CoverArtTool.cmd script file. 
This should make the script instantly embed the cover into the file and Icaros will most likely detect the change right away
and update the file with a new thumbnail.

If the change is not detected right away, you may have to clear your thumbnail cache. 

If you have any trouble with this process, just let me know. :)

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There's something wrong with the file, it can't be unzipped successfully.
(10-30-2016, 10:19 AM)coverarttool Wrote: There's something wrong with the file, it can't be unzipped successfully.

I might have used a compression method that isn't supported by the default Windows extractor. 
If you use 7-zip to extract the file it should work.

And just to make things easier, here is the file zipped using Windows.

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