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Shark007 listed as Trojan
My Windows 10 Defender quarantined this:

Saying Sharrk007 is severe and dangerous. Although I been using Shark for over 10 years, I find this interesting.

You can view the 2 snapshots on my Onedrive below:



Or see the atachments.
I am aware of this.
Its nothing new for Windows 10 users.
It flags all unsigned executibles as a threat.

Getting my software signed costs big bucks and the $20 a month I receive in donations will not cover it.
In case of MS Defender it's really worth those few minutes to submit the false positive reports, it will take them usually only 1-2 days to analyze & recognize the files as false positive (not malware or virus).. I've sent one just today morning and it's been approved already... Wink

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