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Small Development Update
Good afternoon everyone,

Just wanted to post a small update on the Icaros development, since I haven't been very active in here 
in the past couple of months.

I'm currently in a bit of tough spot financially (currently don't have a proper income :/ ), and as such
I haven't been able to spend a lot of time working on Icaros in these past months. 

I will try my best to still post new builds, but they will most likely just contain minor bug fixes 
and ffmpeg updates, until things have settled a bit.

Also if I'm not replying right away on posts or mails, don't worry. I'll be sure to read/investigate everything,
and get back to you as soon as I can. ^__^
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Hope you're doing well. Been through something similar so I sympathise.
Let me know if there's anything you need.
It's ok to ask for money...

I think everyone here would agree Icaros and your other apps are worth it. I sent you $20 hopefully this helps a little..

Thank you so much for the donation, dakooga, I really appreciate it. :)
And thank you for the kind words! I'm always happy to hear that people enjoy Icaros,
and that they appreciate the work I've put into it. 

And thank you too, BrainDedd! The support means a lot to me. 

Both of you really makes me wish I could put more time into the Icaros development.
Hopefully soon! :)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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