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Static when playing MP4 files from NVR
When I playback MP4 files that were recorded from IP cameras on my NVR using MPC-BE there is excessive static.  I can play the same file using MPC and the audio is fine.
System is windows 7 Professional, Advanced codecs installed and Disable Media Foundation for MP4 on the MPG~MP4 TAB, disable the Microsoft Video and/or Audio decoder(s) on the SWAP TAB.
Any suggestions?
uninstall your current codec version and install fresh codecs downloaded from MajorGeeks.

Also go to my Tools page and download the latest version of the player from there.
Be sure to uninstall the old player before installing the new one.
Codecs are new, and player is newest version.
press [Reset All] in the appropriate app, 32bit app for 32bit player
and then test without making any further changes.
Nope, still massively static!!!!
I have no other suggestions, sorry.
No problem.
Thanks for the effort!!!

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