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Streaming Radio Audio Problems in WMC
I am trying to open a url for a radio station in WMP but instead of playing the stream, WMP/WMC shows me the track duration, and plays what sounds like line noise instead of music.  I have updated to the newest version of the advanced codecs, and I have tried both the default, and suggested settings.  I get LAV splitter, and audio icons in my tray when I try to play the stream.  What can I do to fix this?  Thanks.   The problematic url is

I could not find any player, web browser or codec combination that would give me audio from that url.
I'm trying to open it in WMC using the method outlined here: https://www.thegreenbutton.tv/forums/vie...=49&t=4610
Basically you just send audio from a url to WMC. I can't get any player.listenlive.co addresses to play in WMC via that method. When I visit the page in IE, I have to press a play button on the page in order to get the audio to play. I'm not sure if there is a stream or codec compatability issue or if WMC just can't somehow hit the play button if that makes sense. I'm looking for ways to add local radio stations to WMC. I'm not sure if there are any utilities to extract the actual audio stream from those URLs. I bet the same company handles development for all of these radio stations.
Slightly related, This program claims to add .pls support to WMP.  While it probably won't help me with my stream, I think it might be worth looking at in order to expand WMC's radio capabilities.

just to test an idea, go to the 64bit Misc TAB and choose to disable LAV splitter.
I do not have a functional WMC install at the moment.

I tried it out but I still get a buzzing sound when it opens the stream.
I installed openpls, and now WMP can actually play A LOT more web radio streams.  I even got it play shoutcast streams, and there are tons of those.  I'll test tomorrow to see if openpls somehow helps me play listenlive.co streams.  Hopefully it does but I'm doubtful.  Would you be interested in adding openpls to your tools page, or codecs?  The actualy code for the program about thirty or fourty lines without the installer, etc.  WMP doesn't get much love but I think it can still consume most of the content out there with little helper programs like this.  I SomaFM streams to work in WMP also, and those even show a webpage in the player.
No luck there either.  I bet I'm just using a bad URL.  For the hell of it, I tried streaming random web addresses, and got the same buzzing.  I was able to get WMP to display logos from the radio station's web page code though.  I'm not sure how to find the audio.

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