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Toggle MKV subtitles in Windows Media Center?
Thanks to the Shark007 codec package, I can now watch MKV videos within Windows Media Center.  

Now, I would like to be able to toggle subtitles on or off in those MKVs with the WMC IR remote (a Harmony remote), if possible.

Anyone know a way to to that?

Background/configuration info:

HTPC running Windows 7, using a Harmony IR remote to control WMC.

MKVs are created from Blu Ray folders with Handbrake.  The MKVs have only a single subtitle file and are encoded without using the Burned IN option or the Default option in Handbrake.  VLC can toggle this subtitle on or off in its pop up menu while playing. In WMC, those subtitles are alway on.  

WMC has an IR code for toggling subtitles in standard wtv files, which I've mapped to a button on my Harmony, but of course, that does nothing for MKVs. 

This may not be something appropriate for the Shark codec forums, but one can always hope!  :-)

The only way to turn them on or off is through the 64bit App, on the config TAB.
This cannot be accessed using the remote, sorry.
OK, Thanks.

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