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Video's in browsers stopped working and VOB's don't play
Earlier this year I've built a W10 PC. I have not installed and used codecs for a long time but now I do need it for some things.
So I installed the Advanced pack and use WMP.

Using 'Shark007 suggested settings' breaks DTS-HDMA passthrough and likely all passthroughs. I've tried many different/alternate configs of the settings tool but nope. So currently I am resetted back to codec defaults which appears to be working. 

- Video's in Firefox/IE browsers stopped working except YouTube. But my TV stream site, Vimeo and Facebook don't play anymore. For some of them I am asked to download Flash now.
- VOB-files won't play.

What to do?
W10 Pro 64-bit
Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI-passthrough
Press [Reset All]
When selecting the [x] SUGGESTED settings, answer 'Yes' to the question posed.
When doing this in 64-bit Shark, the streams in browsers seem to work again!
VOB not working yet.

Gonna test HDMI passthrough now.
Edit: Passthrough even working! I guess I screwed up then...Hmmm.
VOB still not working. VOB-file should be okay since it plays well in VLC.
W10 Pro 64-bit
Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI-passthrough
What are you using to play the VOB files?
I tested in Windows Media Player and they play fine.
They play in VLC but don't play in WMP.
It seems like WMP isn't even trying to play. Nothing about unknown extension. No error.
Just this screen:
[Image: 21ab7fn.png]
W10 Pro 64-bit
Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI-passthrough
Ok Shark I got it.

I try to open from a mounted ISO. Apparently that doesn't work. When I extract the VOB it does play.
Probably out of your scope because it looks like a Windows issue, but if you have any idea let me know.

Otherwise thank you very much for always such quick replies and help!!
W10 Pro 64-bit
Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI-passthrough
On the Config TAB of the 64bit App you can set the 64bit WMP as the default (instead of 32bit)
Choosing to do this will use a completely different set of codecs for playback.

Most likely you have installed something that is interfering with 32bit mpeg (vob) playback.

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