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Videos read upside down

Mon fils a pris des vidéos avec son téléphone lors d'un voyage. Certains sont normalement lues dans le bon sens et certains sont à l'envers sous Windows Seven ou sont installés vos codec. Sur un autre PC 8 fenêtres 8 toutes les vidéos sont lues à l'endroit.

Est-il un réglage à faire dans vos codecs?

Merci d'avance.

Cordialement .

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[Reset All]
[x] SUGGESTED settings

mpg/mp4 TAB, [x] disable Media Foundation for MP4
Thank you for the quick reply. These are mp4 videos. I did what you told me but it does not change anything (Codec 5.5.2). I installed the last ones (7.1.9) but that does not change anything. I always have the problem of some videos read upside down.

Another ideas?

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use Metafox downloaded from my Tools page to create MKV
The new MKV will not have this problem.
Sorry, but that does not change anything. In addition I wish to be able to read the videos in their original format is the mp4. How is it that it does not work?

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The container has incorrect information causing the video to be upside down.
Usually, creating an MKV will correct this issue.

Something else to try is to let the Operating System do the decoding (instead of LAV).
Sometimes this can get it flipped over properly.
To do this, press [Reset All], and nothing else.
This does not change anything and mostly reset all removes many options and settings (Fortunately I made an image with Acronis). I do not understand that we can not do it. After testing, VLC, Windows 8 and my TV box read correctly.

Other Ideas? Should it be possible?

Best regards

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