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W10 Thumbnails and Icaros Thumbnails

I am new to this but like always i try to search google for answers and read forums but i can't read anywhere what
is best/have to do with windows settings.

So what i have gathered so far:
Icaros have a "own"  thumbnail cache, which makes sense of course, but then windows don't need the windows thumbnail cache
anymore right?, this should be disabled for performance? 

Also i read on majorgeeks it supports all file types of FFmpeg, so do i need to have that installed ?

Sorry for the noob questions

Hi SphinxRa40,

Don't be afraid to ask any questions here, I'm always happy to answer them, 
even though I might take a while to do so. :D

The original intention of the internal Icaros cache, was indeed to the replace/circumvent Windows own cache,
unfortunately it didn't work as well as I had hoped. 
Even though the internal cache could deliver the thumbnails at super speed, Windows still performed various postprocessing 
on the thumbnails before showing them to the user, which made the thumbnails show up with a delay.

This wasn't really ideal. 
The user could do things like disabling Windows' own thumbnail cache via the registry, and remove the thumbnail 
borders around the thumbnails to mitigate this delay, but that wasn't really a solution I could recommend to every user.

So generally the IcarosCache should probably be more considered as a "backup" cache. So if something, for some reason,
deletes your thumbnails from Windows own cache, the IcarosCache will be able to kick in and regenerate these lost thumbnails
more or less instantly.

I'm currently working on some changes to make it easier to use, but in the end it will always be a bit confusing to use do to 
the above limitations. 

As for FFmpeg. No need to install anything else. Everything is included in the installer/portable editions of Icaros. :)

Hope that answers your questions. 
- X
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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